Top Best News websites in Germany

Top Best News websites in Germany

News websites are an essential part of any news-savvy person’s arsenal. They allow you to stay informed on the latest developments in your area of interest, without having to wade through a lot of unnecessary information. Which is why it’s important to select a news website that is both reliable and trustworthy. After all, who wants to read articles from a website that is biased or inaccurate? In this article, we will list five of the top best news websites in Germany. We hope this will help you make the decision about which one to choose for your reading needs.


There are many great news websites in Germany, but which ones should you visit? Here are five of the best.

1. Der Spiegel: The Spiegel is one of Germany's most popular news sites and it has a broad mix of content, from politics to sport to culture. It's also well known for its investigative journalism.

2. WELT: WELT is another popular German news site that covers a wide range of topics. It's especially good at covering political and economic news, as well as breaking international stories.

3. Süddeutsche Zeitung: The Süddeutsche Zeitung is one of Germany's oldest newspapers and it still maintains a strong reputation for quality journalism. Its coverage includes both national and international news, making it a great source for information on all sorts of topics.

4. Die Zeit: Die Zeit is another respected German newspaper that offers a broad range of interesting articles on a variety of topics. It can be particularly helpful when it comes to covering complex political or economic issues.

5. Focus Online: Focus Online is one of Germany's leading online publications and it offers lively and innovative coverage of all kinds of topics. It's perfect for readers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news developments in their country and around the world


Who doesn’t love news? Whether you’re a professional journalist or just someone who enjoys reading the latest headlines, it’s hard to go a day without learning something new. And with so many news websites to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time.

To help you make the best possible decision when it comes to finding Germany’s top news websites, we’ve put together a list of our favorites. From serious sources like Spiegel Online and Die Welt to more lighthearted options like N24 and Süddeutsche Zeitung, these are the best news sites in Germany.

So whether you’re looking for stories about politics, business, or culture, be sure to check out one of these websites!


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)
Der Spiegel
Welt am Sonntag
Die Welt
Focus online
The Local

In Germany, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) is the most popular news website. It has a daily readership of more than 1 million people. The Spiegel is second in popularity with a readership of around 800,000 people. Der Spiegel also publishes weekly magazine versions, such as Welt am Sonntag and Stern. Other prominent German news websites include Welt am Sonntag, Die Welt, Focus online, and The Local.


DAZN is a live streaming platform that offers a variety of sports and entertainment content. The service has been quickly gaining popularity in Germany, with users spending an average of over 12 hours per month consuming DAZN content. Some of the most popular channels on DAZN include the NFL channel, WWE, and Spanish football channel La Liga.

The platform offers a variety of subscription plans, with the basic package offering access to over 40 channels including coverage of major cricket matches, American sports such as MLS and the NBA, ATP tennis tournaments, and many more. There are also premium packages including access to exclusive live events such as La Liga matches and Bundesliga football games.

DAZN also offers a wide range of devices and platforms compatible with its service including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, while the website can be accessed on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

Spiegel Online

Über den aktuellen Rankingsieger des Magazins Spiegel Online erfahren Sie hier alles Wissenswerte.

Nach einem turbulenten Jahr ist der Spiegel Online wieder der aktuelle Rankingsieger. Das Magazin belegte in seiner neuen Ausgabe die Spitzenposition unter den Top-News-Portalen in Deutschland. Die Auswahl an Artikeln belohnt die Qualitätsarbeit und bietet einen Überblick über alle Themen rund um Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Sport.

Weiterhin halten sich die Inhalte konsequent an das Thema „Wir sind das Volk“ und berichten engagiert über aktuelle Entwicklungen in unserem Land. So zeigt etwa die Titelgeschichte zum Thema Flüchtlinge, welche Auswirkung diese politische Entscheidung auf uns alle hat. Hierzu gibt es eine Vielzahl weiterer Artikel wie etwa über Asylbewerberunterkünfte oder Terroranschläge in Europa.

Der Spiegel Online

RT Deutsch

The German news website RT Deutsch is one of the most popular news websites in the country. It covers a variety of topics, from politics to business to culture. RT Deutsch also has a section called "RT Hispeed", which provides fast-paced updates on key stories.

Tagesschau (ARD)

The Tagesschau (ARD) is one of the leading news stations in Germany and it offers a wide variety of content, including live coverage of major events. The station also produces extensive coverage of politics and current affairs.

The Tagesschau website is well-designed and easy to use. The site has an excellent search function and it provides a wealth of information on current events and politics. The Tagesschau website is also well-suited for news junkies who want to stay up to date on the latest German news stories.

The Tagesschau website is one of the best news websites in Germany and it provides comprehensive coverage of current events and politics.


N24 is one of the leading news websites in Germany. It offers a variety of content, including breaking news, opinion pieces, and features. The site also has a blog section that provides updated news and analysis. N24 is free to access and has a mobile app that provides even more content.